Prathamesh Sonpatki
1 min readMar 18, 2023


When I joined Last9 three years back, I knew little about SRE and Observability. The situation is not changed after three years :) There is a lot to learn in the Observability space. I am yet to find a single place to learn different terms used in Observability lingo.

So I started a side project for maintaining a glossary of all terms and definitions related to Observability. It is called The GitHub repo can be found here

The contents are available at

This open-source project is aimed at beginners like me who don’t know much about Observability and Reliability but are extremely curious to learn. Help me make a complete and valuable resource for everyone!

I have a few ideas that could be added to the project

  • Related terms
  • Related blogs/videos
  • Alternate terms

If the idea of this project resonates with you, please help me make it better by suggesting terms and even contributing to it.

Happy hacking!